No to Egyptian workers’ trial before a military court

In a blatant violation of human rights, international conventions and democratic principles, eight Egyptian workers were referred to a military court after going on strike.

The story started on 3 August when a worker died and six injured after a nitrogen cylinder exploded at Helwan Company for Engineering Industry, associated with the Ministry of Defence. The factory’s workers went on strike in protest against the absence of safety measures at the factory. Security forces then arrest eight workers.

On 22 August, the military prosecution referred the workers to a military court. They are now charged with going on strike, damaging public property, and disclosing military secrets – for they told websites about the incident. Moreover, the Egyptian government banned the press from covering the case.

The accused workers:

Ayman Taher Hassan

Ahmed Taher Hassan

Tareq  Sayed Mahmoud

Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Mohaymen

Hesham Farouk Eid

Ali Nabil Ali

Wael Bayoumi Mohammed

Mohamed Tareq Sayed

The hearings before the military court will open tomorrow, Saturday 28 August 2010, at the Military Court at the 10th District, Nasr City, Cairo.

We appeal to all who are concerned with defending human rights to provide support to the innocent workers and stand up to the ongoing victimisation of workers by the Egyptian regime.

A press conference will be held tomorrow at 9:30 pm at the Centre for Socialist Studies, 7 Murad St. Giza. It will be attended by families of the accused workers, defence lawyers and human rights activists.


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  1. حستاذنكم في جزء من الخبر .. لعمل حمله توقيعات

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